Initial Outfitting and Transition (IO&T)

Crystal Management provides a full spectrum of initial outfitting and transition (IO&T) services that assists our clients in occupying and successfully operating in a new or renovated facility. Our expertise covers a broad range of project requirements employing proven capabilities, industry leading processes and procedures that are flexible, scalable and tailored to the specific project requirements.

Crystal Management provides the following mission enabling services:

·       Comprehensive Project Management Services

·       Operational Planning, Physical Security Plans, Project Phasing, Schedule Management

·       Equipment Planning and Purchases

·       Market Research, Equipment Acquisition Plan, Acquisition Packages, Procurement

·       Oversee the Installation and Inspection of Systems

·       Transition/Relocation Planning

·       Facility Acceptance and Turn Over

Available Resources:

Available Resources:

·       Project Managers

·       Project Schedulers

·       Acquisition Specialists

·       Contracts Specialists

·       Business Analysts

·       Quality Assurance Specialists